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The Ryss Lab Approach

At Ryss Lab, our approach is based upon communication. Collaboration is essential for custom synthesis and contract research projects and open communication with our clients helps improve development of each project. Our scientists are available to offer input at all points in project development to help maximize project efficiency, and feedback from our clients is highly valued by our team. The added value of our scientists’ professional experience, knowledge, and insights make us an ideal partner for research and synthesis projects.

Standard Protocol

After mutual confidentiality agreements have been signed, the team at Ryss meets with the client team to gain a complete understanding of the project’s scope, scale, and objectives. Meetings include an exchange of information and perspectives as well as setting a budget and timeline for the project. Ryss Lab will submit a written proposal based upon the client project scope and requirements, and once the proposal is approved, the project can begin. Throughout the process, clients are informed of and engaged in the project's progress. For contract research and development projects, clients receive interim progress reports and/or attend in-person meetings.


Ryss Lab has strict protocols in place to protect client confidentiality. Our scientists understand the importance of intellectual property and adhere to guidelines to ensure the interests of our clients are protected.

Project Types

Ryss Lab offers services arranged on a project basis or per Full Time Equivalent (FTE) basis.

Custom synthesis is a project-based arrangement and involves preparation of compounds with established synthesis routes. These types of projects have a predictable delivery date based upon the complexity of synthesis and availability of starting materials.

Research and development synthesis are typically categorized as Full Time Equivalent projects. These longer-term projects involve a significant amount of discovery work and require designing novel synthesis routes to achieve project goals. A FTE setup offers clients the option to adjust priorities for their project based upon research progress.

Each project is unique and we are more than happy to discuss various workload options to best fit each client.

Our Expertise

Our experienced technical staff enjoys working in close cooperation with clients to achieve quality results and have strong backgrounds in the following:

  • Small molecule synthesis
  • Fine chemical intermediates, building blocks, analogs
  • Complex organic synthesis
  • Synthetic peptides and amino acid derivatives
  • Process chemistry development
  • Custom synthesis of novel compounds
  • Scale-up synthesis

Ryss Lab services include custom synthesis, contract research and development, process research, and analytical research.